Recycle Irrigation Controllers at Ewing

Recycle your old sprinkler controller completely free

The next time you replace an old controller, save it from the landfill and bring it into Ewing to be recycled.

Ewing, Rachio and Blue Star Recyclers have partnered up to save these from entering our landfills!

Blue Star Recyclers is a Colorado-based non-profit founded in 2009 to responsibly recycle electronics, while creating jobs for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or physical limitations.

How to Participate

Step One: save old controller and replace with new one
Step Two: Drop off old controller at any participating Ewing location
Step Three: Share with others

With your help, we can reduce waste and create a more sustainable irrigation industry!

Take Action

Quotes from Ewing customers
Example of controller recycling bin at a Ewing location