50 lbs. Green Sand Synthetic Turf Infill

EPS Turf 50 lbs. Green Sand Synthetic Turf Infill


SKU#:24101600 | MFG#:GRN SI INF

  • 50 lbs. bag of silica sand infill in green color
  • Recommended for all synthetic installations
  • Cushions and helps artificial turf stand up
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As with Cushion Fill, Infill will help the blades of your artificial turf stand up to keep it looking its best, as well as keep the turf cooler in warmer climates. We recommend the ceramic coated infill for lawns with pets and silica sand for those without. Green color available in 50 pound bags.

The average infill amount is one to two pounds per square foot. Infill helps weigh the turf down, helps keep fibers upright , keeps the turf cooler and prevents matting. Infill can be silica sand or coated silica sand. Coated Silica Sand is better since it does not absorb chemicals or urine and washers clean. Coated Silica is available from Ewing. Rubber is softer and is the best infill material for athletic fields, particularly for play areas or sport, however rubber infill material is more expensive than sand. We do not recommend it for landscape projects.

Why Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf has witnessed tremendous sales growth in the last five years for many reasons. Many states are facing drought situations and instituting restrictions on water usage. Water prices have been on the rise throughout the country, and many people are finding it cost prohibitive to maintain a natural lawn. More and more consumers are looking for low-maintenance alternatives to traditional turf. Synthetic turf can serve as a solution in areas and applications facing these and other challenges, or for any client who is interested in lowering their turf maintenance associated with mowing, watering and insect and weed control while enjoying turf that will stay green year round.

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